The good in this evening was getting to know this brilliant young conductor. Potvin displayed a charismatic presence and consummate style and musicianship.
…the choir showed it hasn’t been worked this hard or inspired this profoundly for years.
Hugh Fraser • The Hamilton Spectator

Guest conductor exercises effortless control
A peripatetic lecturer with a humorous demeanour, he exerts great control without effort.
Danny Gaisin • Oakville Today

Electricity swept through the choir, as it came up on its toes in response to Potvin’s energy and intensity and proceeded to swing as it hadn’t done for many a concert.
Hugh Fraser • The Hamilton Spectator

…he displays strong musicianship and creative leadership
Frieder Bernius • Kammerchor Stuttgart

(Potvin) has done wonders for some city choral groups and great things are expected of him.
Hugh Fraser • The Hamilton Spectator

Potvin’s first season, his direction and innovative ideas are positive and bode well for the attendees and for the community as a whole.
Danny Gaisin • Oakville Today

…the sound these collective talents make is stunning. The quality conducting, singing and instrumental accompaniment was truly mesmerizing.
Blair Zilkey • Halton Arts Review

The purity of the Niagara Children’s Chorus has an authentic beauty and the tempos and interpretation are just right.
John Rutter

I was very taken by the total performance of the Noëls. My first commentx concerned the beautiful sound of the children’s voices: the clear, almost vibratoless but still live and rich tone which characterizes young English boy’s choir. The effect is seamless!
I found the lines beautifully delivered, clear and sonorous, well balanced tonally and beautifully in tune. The tempi suit each of the pieces beautifully, and there is obviously great care taken in the interpretation of the music with regards to the text. In particular, the little “musical play” which Nous voici dans la ville really is, is magnificently and dramatically handled, indeed with greater expression than any other recording I have heard. All in all I find the total recording to be an excellent one, even definitive in some movements.
Donald Patriquin